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Throughout your life, you have given thoughtful consideration to the important decisions you have made. Sensible people have always prepared for those things that might happen by taking out fire or health insurance. That's why being prepared for what will some day happen, makes even more sense.

"Advance funeral planning gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your funeral arrangements are taken care of, while lessening the burden on your survivors."
- American Association of Retired Persons

At Freeman we know from years of experience that making your arrangements in advance is one of the best ways to show your loved ones that you care about them.

We plan for our children's education, our retirement, and even our vacations. We even plan for unexpected possibilities with products like disability insurance. Yet one third of us don't plan for our funerals. It's an inevitable event that will cause disruption, sorrow and possibly unanticipated expense for those we leave behind. There are many good reasons to preplan your funeral the most important might be that you are gifting your family with the lasting peace of knowing they have acted in accordance with your wishes.

The best time to preplan is when everyone is healthy so that you can have time to reflect and decide what is best for you. If you wait until someone is ill or elderly, preplanning is twice as hard because it may be very emotional. By filling out this form we will deliver information on the many questions to ask yourself and the options available. You may also be interested in learning more about how to talk to your family about your plans or their wishes or about the benefits to prefunding a funeral.

Pre-planning your own funeral makes sense because it allows you to take full control of your funeral right now. You can save your loved ones the trauma of making difficult decisions without knowing exactly what you have wanted. Pre-planning allows you to confer with your loved ones and make your plans together, thus resolving your most personal matters with a clear mind, in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. In return, you will save the people you care about most from the emotional turmoil and burdensome decisions that an unplanned funeral can often bring.

By making the decision to pre-pay now, you will lock in the cost of your funeral at today's prices, even if you live for another 50 years. When you pre-arrange and pre-pay, you can be assured that definite arrangements have been made and no other financial decisions need to be faced. Your funds are held by one of the country's leading reputable financial institutions in a special contract, designed solely for providing the exact funeral you have chosen at the time of need. No matter what the cost of fulfilling your last wishes at your time of need, pre-payment guarantees the cost will remain constant, regardless of inflation. In fact, since pre-paying ensures that you are protected against inflation, you can save thousands of dollars to spend as you please or leave to your loved ones.

We encourage you to consider advance planning with Freeman Funeral Home. The consultation is free and you are never under any pressure or obligation to purchase anything.  We have provided an easy way to start pre-planning online for your convenience or you may also contact us directly at 251-866-7487 if you'd like to speak to a representative immediately.

People of all ages.

Family members or an executor who is responsible for the care of someone in a nursing home or extended care facility.

People who travel and vacation abroad.

Family members who are caring for someone terminally ill.

Anyone can consider prearrangement.

Pre-planning provides peace of mind and the assurance that your wishes are recorded. It also gives the opportunity to ask questions and get clear and concise answers on all aspects of the funeral. Personal choices can be considered and economic decisions made without emotional stress. It relieves family members of difficult choices at time of death. Prearrangement is a practical idea that makes sense.

Funeral pre-planning is every bit a part of sensible estate planning as making a will is or signing a personal directive.

Yes, at your option, payment is made in advance at today's cost and can be made in installments. Or you can prearrange without prepayment.

Policies with or without insurance can be offered plus Spousal and couples policies can be chosen to provide for unforeseen circumstances.

Your funeral home consultant will be happy to explain all the options, so you can select one that best fits your situation.

By making arrangements and funding your funeral in advance, you were able to express your own wishes and relieve this emotional and financial burden from your family. Usually, these arrangements can be reestablished with another funeral home and nearly all funding vehicles are transferable by the owner.

To make informed decisions, you'll want more specific facts. And the fastest, easiest and most effective way for you to get them is to sit down, visit with us, review our programs, discuss various options and ask questions.

We can send you some general information which will apply to anyone planning a funeral. Request your FREE Funeral Planning Guide today.

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